Ten Indonesian nationals join caregiving staff in Iwamizawa

Indonesian national undergo training on Japanese traffic rules taught by Iwamizawa Police (May 30)

Ten Indonesian nationals who arrived in Japan with “Specified Skilled Worker” visas started their postings on May 27 at “Fureai no Sato Iwamizawa Hanagokoro”, a pay nursing home with assisted-living in Iwamizawa, in the Central Hokkaido Sorachi region.

The group is made up of six women and four men, all in their 20s to 30s. They all passed the testing required to enter Japan with the Specified Skilled Worker status. The original plan was to arrive in Japan around June of last year, but that was postponed due to stricter border control in Japan related to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the easing of entry this spring, they were all able to enter Japan by May 24.

This is the first time to work in the caregiving field for all in the group. Currently they are learning from the staff while also studying Japanese conversation and caregiving skills starting at the basic level. With cooperation from the Iwamizawa Police Station, the nursing home held a training session on traffic rules and crime prevention on May 30.

The maximum period of stay allowed by their visas is five years, but they can work in Japan forever if they acquire national care worker certification within that period. Destiana Kenaya Manthey (22) commented, “Becoming a certified care worker is my goal. That might be difficult, but I want to study my hardest.”

Iwamizawa Hanagokoro Facility Director Sekiguchi expressed anticipations for the group, “Amidst this shortage of caregivers, I want these ten staff members to thoroughly learn caregiving skills, eventually take on leadership roles, and help cultivate new caregivers from their home country.”


Fureai no Sato Iwamizawa Hanagokoro