‘Tofu’ the snowy owl arrives at Maruyama Zoo looking for a mate

Tofu, the snowy owl welcomed to Maruyama Zoo (photo courtesy of Obihiro Zoo)

Sapporo’s Maruyama Zoo (Chuo-ku) has welcomed Tofu (2), a male snowy owl, which is an endangered species, from Obihiro Zoo in the city of Obihiro. Displayed to the public from July 30, it is hoped that Tofu will mate with Anna (10) a female resident of Maruyama Zoo.

Snowy owls are distributed throughout the tundra regions of the Arctic Circle; they fly south in winter but can rarely be observed in Hokkaido. The zoo has successfully bred snowy owls on four occasions in the past. Anna’s breeding partner, Daichi died and the zoo has been looking for a new partner ever since. For the time being, the owls will be kept in adjacent cages and monitored with regard to the ‘matchmaking’ situation.

The zoo hopes “people will be interested in the owls, which have become famous thanks to the movie, Harry Potter, and that they will be able to see the difference between the male and female owls.”


Maruyama Zoo