Tourist spots are busy again on first weekend after COVID restrictions are lifted

Visiting families watch the giraffe at Maruyama Zoo on the first weekend after the state-of-emergency restrictions were lifted

October 2 saw the start of the first weekend after all COVID-19 state-of-emergency and anti-infection priority restrictions were lifted, with commercial facilities and tourist spots bustling with large numbers of visitors. “It’s been a long time,” said one of the visitors. “People can come with peace of mind,” said a representative at one of the facilities. Some tourist facilities extended opening hours as the first steps toward the co-existence of COVID measures and a thriving economy began.

At Maruyama Zoo in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, which closed temporarily on August 28 – the day after the ‘state of emergency’ was declared – up to 5,000 visitors with advance reservations were permitted to enter each day from October 1. On October 2 – the first weekend after restrictions were lifted – 2,291 people visited the zoo. According to Maruyama Zoo, “The number was smaller than expected at this time of year, due to the rain”, but many families and groups of young visitors enjoyed their day off.


Maruyama Zoo