Tram Haikara-Go display event in Hakodate

“Hakodate Haikara-Go”, a tram restored from a Meiji-era tram, took to the Hakodate streets on May 4 for a special “moving display event” without passengers aboard. Railroad fans and tourists gathered at tram stops and sidewalk areas along the route to enjoy the sight of the dazzling red retro tram car in motion.

Amidst temporary service cancellation for this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this event was planned by community groups as a way to allow fans to enjoy at least seeing the tram in motion.

Haikara-Go departed from Komaba Depot at 11:19 a.m. Near the Aoyagi-cho stop., viewers were presented with the rare sight of the Haikara-Go passing by the 500 series “No. 530”, which is the oldest of the running Hakodate trams and currently used as a backup tram. Viewers photographed the scene excitedly.

A Hakodate student watching Haikara-Go depart from Komaba Depot was overjoyed, “The old-style form of the tram really matches the cityscape of Hakodate. The clacking sound it makes as it moves is also great.”

Hakodate Haikara-Go (front) is special for its retro construction. It was also seen passing by the Hakodate tram 500 series "No. 530"


Komaba Depot