Turning imperfect vegetables into crayons, Urahoro Gakusha joint develops

"Tokachi Toiro Oyasai Crayon" with ten colors per box

Using imperfect vegetables that cannot be commercially distributed, the Tokachi Urahoro Gakusha association in the Eastern Hokkaido Tokachi region town of Urahoro collaboratively developed ten colors of crayon together with a company in Aomori Prefecture. The colors are modeled after their vegetable ingredients. The product name is “Tokachi Toiro Oyasai Crayon” (Ten Tokachi Colors, Vegetable Crayons).

The producers dried vegetables, turned them into powder, and blended that with rice oil and rice wax to make 4,000 boxes (10 colors per box).

The ten colors are all named after their Tokachi related vegetables ingredients, including Broccoli, Pumpkin, Adzuki Bean, Corn, and Sugar Beet. Only black is not a vegetable, instead being made from Urahoro wood charcoal produced from Mizunara Oaks.

In a quest to find effective uses for imperfect vegetables, Tokachi Urahoro Gakusha partnered with Aomori based mizuiro Inc., a company that produces and sells that very same type of vegetable crayon. Together, they collaborated to develop these Tokachi crayons. In the commercialization process as well, Tokachi Urahoro Gakusha commissioned manufacturing to mizuiro Inc.

The retail price is 2,530 yen for one box of ten crayons. They can be purchased at the official Tokachi Urahoro Gakusha website.



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