Two Vietnamese couples married in Shibetsu

The two Vietnamese couples sharing an online toast with their families and company Chairman Imai (3rd from the left)

Novel coronavirus spreading prevented two Vietnamese couples from returning home, so they wound up getting married in northern Hokkaido’s Shibetsu City on August 1. They exchanged eternal vows of love, watched over by their parents and loved ones in Vietnam through online participation.
The four Vietnamese nationals all possess the new foreign residence status called “Specific Skilled Worker” and work at “Kawanishi-no-Oka Shizuo Farm,” a company involved with farming and restaurant service in Shibetsu. They met in Shibetsu and got engaged together last year. However, the novel coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to plan a schedule for returning home and reentering Japan. Staff at the Farm suggested they have weddings in Shibetsu, and they wound up doing just that.
The joint ceremony was held outdoors as an infection prevention measure. The two bride and groom pairs were clad in red and white traditional Vietnamese áo dài garments, and the forty company members gathered that day publically blessed the new couples. Family members of the four Vietnamese nationals also participated via the online meeting system “Zoom.” One of the brides (24) said with a smile, “I’m excited about being even happier now here in Japan.”