Two years after Eastern Iburi Earthquake, Construction continues but residents do not return

The town of Atsuma suffered massive damage due to the Eastern Iburi Earthquake that erupted in central Hokkaido on September 6, 2018, and its Yoshino district in particular suffered a devastating landslide. Nineteen of the thirty four residents lost their lives. Since then, two years have passed. None of the survivors have returned from evacuation, and there are no plans to live in the district again. This is because of the potential of another landslide.
According to the Atsuma municipal government, only two households did not suffer loss of life out of the thirteen households in the Yoshino district. All of the surviving residents moved away to places like public housing or houses outside of the city, and there are no signs of intent to move back, like house rebuilding projects or the like. View the Yoshino region reconstruction efforts through a two-year span of aerial photography.


Yoshino district