Urakawa’s Dat sells banh mi from food truck

Dat, who offers Vietnamese sandwiches ‘banh mi’ from his food truck

Le Tuan Dat, 38, a native of Vietnam and a resident of the town of Urakawa in the Hidaka region of central Hokkaido, has been running a food truck at various locations in the region, serving ‘banh mi’ Vietnamese sandwiches. “I want to bring the authentic taste of Vietnam to the people of the Hidaka area,” says Dat.
The name of the business is Banh My Hanoi, and it is licensed to operate in all regions of Hokkaido.
The food truck offers a menu of seven items, including ‘ham banh mi’ (600 yen), in which special ham, liver paste, daikon radish, carrot and the like are seasoned with chili sauce and sandwiched between bread. According to Dat, “They are spicier and more flavorsome than Japanese sandwiches”.
Dat longed to open his own establishment after being impressed by the popularity of the Vietnamese food he made at home and served to his Japanese friends. He chose to operate a food truck rather than a restaurant because he “just wanted to turn up and do business where people gather.”
The truck opens five days a week and operates at a total of seven locations. Dat is optimistic, saying “Although it is still not well known, the number of repeat customers is increasing, which is a relief.”
“I’ll be happy if more people become interested in Vietnam through my food,” he adds. For more details regarding days of opening and locations, visit Dat’s Instagram account (@banhmyhanoiurakawa).


Urakawa Town