Working in the sky, Airplane class at a Hakodate elementary school

A maintenance expert explaining to children the mechanics behind how planes fly

Aline company AIRDO (Sapporo) held an “Airplane Class” on September 1 at Hakodate City Toinishi Elementary School to teach children about the excitement of airplane jobs and the tasks involved.
The pilot and crew appeared in uniform, and all 29 children at the school listened intently.
AIRDO is holding these classes around Hokkaido elementary schools in an effort to inspire children to think about future career choices. This session was taught by a pilot, cabin attendant, and maintenance expert. The staff explained interesting details about their jobs, including examining the inside of the engine with a viewing tube, and expounded on the rewards of the job, such as, “All sorts of different people work together to make sure airplanes can fly safely.” When the staff used an electric fan and a model to explain the mechanics behind how planes fly, the children watched intensely.
Hearing that planes fly at 800 kilometers per hour, one child said with a gleam in the eye, “I want to try steering an airplane going really fast.”