140 kilometer circuit course looping around Sapporo. Immerse yourself in nature and history

In a March 22 online symposium, Sapporo environmental citizen group Eco Network and others announced plans for a Sapporo Round Walk course, a 140 kilometer walking route that forms a circuit around the suburbs of Sapporo.

The course is divided into the three areas of (1) The foothill area for enjoying nature, (2) The mountain area overlooking the city, and (3) The historic and cultural rural area. The foothill area for enjoying nature stretches from the Makomanai Subway Station (Minami-ku), passing by Mt. Shirahata (Kiyota-ku), to JR Shin-Sapporo Station (Atsubetsu-ku).

The route location was selected to allow access to public transportation, restroom facilities, and cafes for resting along the way. Most of the route uses public walkways, but because part of “The foothill area for enjoying nature” course includes private land, the plan is to attain permission from the landowner and aim for a launch within FY 2021.

Eco Network started advancing preparations for this project in 2019 by creating a research group made up of entities including the Sapporo city government, which manages the roads, and the Hokkaido University Center for Advanced Tourism Studies. Representative Ogawa Iwao commented, “This route is overflowing with wonderful Sapporo flavor. We want city residents and tourists alike to enjoy it.”

Some course spots include Maeda Forest Park
Moerenuma Park
Takino Suzuran Hillside Park