2 million sunflowers at opening of festival in Hokuryu

Tourists enjoying the expanse of sunflowers at their leisure

The 35th ‘Sunflower Festival’, a summer event where scenery that includes 2 million sunflowers can be enjoyed, opened for the first time in two years on July 24, at ‘Himawari-no- Sato’ in the town of Hokuryu in the Sorachi region of central Hokkaido. Couples and families who visited the venue could be heard expressing their awe as they took photos of the flowers. The festival will continue until August 22.

This year, in consideration of the spread of the Coronavirus, all subsidiary events have been cancelled and the ‘Tourist Center’ at the venue will be closed. According to Town officials, the peak viewing period is usually in early August.


Himawari-no- Sato