Abashiri’s drift-ice sightseeing reaches its peak

Drift-ice tourism in the Okhotsk region reached its peak in late February. Amid fine weather on February 26, the ‘Aurora’ drift-ice sightseeing ship made mosaic-like patterns in its wake as it broke up the drift ice while leisurely cruising off the coast of Abashiri.
A man from Osaka Prefecture who boarded the ship on February 26 said, “The drift ice was pure white and beautiful. Good timing enabled me to see it.”
The drift ice covers a wide area of the sea from Mombetsu to the Shiretoko Peninsula and Kunashiri Island. This winter, the drift ice is expected to drift away from the shore earlier than normal, with early March being cited on the Abashiri coastline.

The ‘Aurora’ drift-ice sightseeing ship cruises amid the drift-ice. February 26. Photographed from a helicopter


‘Aurora’ drift-ice sightseeing ship