Additional deck space at Usuzan Ropeway summit observatory

Private seats made possible with additional deck area

“Mt. USU Terrace” boasts an Usuzan Ropeway Lake Toya summit observatory with a panoramic view of the natural environs enjoyable from the comfort of a sofa. The Terrace installed new deck space with sofa seating and held an invite-only pre-opening on April 21. Additional deck space was installed in areas such as to the side of the preexisting deck, and new sofas seating up to 30 people became available on April 23.

Wakasa Resort opened the Terrace in the spring of 2020. The scenic view of Lake Toyako, Mt. Showa-Shinzan, and Mt. Yotei in clear weather has made it a popular spot. This new addition of deck space has increased seating to up to 86 people. As a COVID-19 safety measure, the new 30-person seating also includes private seats arranged spaciously, with three to four meters between them. Wakasa Resort Senior Managing Director Wakasa Koji commented, “We expect this to stimulate the customer inflow, which has lagged due to the pandemic.”


Usuzan Ropeway