"Airport spa" in Nakasatsunai Feriendorf

Artist's rendering of the completed open air bath area in the hot spring facilities. The layout is designed for maximum enjoyment of starry skies and natural environs. (Image provided by Sora)

Eastern Hokkaido Tokachi region’s Obihiro based venture firm “Sora” has officially decided to use the hot spring source from long-esteemed Obihiro hotel “Fukui Hotel”, which became a Sora subsidiary in March, in the hot spring facilities under construction at the glamping resort “Feriendorf”, which is managed by a Sora subsidiary in Nakasatsunai Village. The facilities will be called “Tokachi Airport Spa Sora”, and management plans to also focus on attracting Tokachi Obihiro Airport users as part of its customer base. It will also include saunas and an open-air bathing area, and is slated for completion in July.

The spring water will be a moor hot spring that brings in water daily from the Fukui Hotel spring source. The bathing room will feature one indoor bath and a sauna. There will be two types of saunas in the men’s bathing room: a quiet space and a bright, expansive space. The women’s sauna is a single unit, with a luxurious view of nature seen through a large window. Both the men’s and the women’s open air bathing areas will feature a hot bathing facility, a cold-water bath, and a spacious area for relaxing in the open air outside of the baths as well. The bathing fee is 1,000 yen per entrance.

The location is 15 minutes by car from the airport, and Sora intends to fully capitalize on that convenience by advertising to travelers from places like the Greater Tokyo Area in addition to local customers. Transport to and from the airport will also be available, with an emphasis on using the facilities as a base for workations that allow users to spend time there during breaks while working.