Animals given ice on hot summer day in Sapporo

The Ishikari area was hot and humid on August 11 as warm, moist air from the south flowed into the sky. “Manatsubi,” which means a day with the highest temperature of 30°C or higher, was recorded in the cities of Sapporo and Ishikari.

At Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo’s Chuo Ward, where the temperature rose up to 31.2°C, animals were given crushed ice and fruit-filled ice blocks to beat the summer heat. Two tons of ice and watermelons presented to the zoo by a construction company in Toyohira Ward were given to 51 Japanese macaques, four Asian elephants, and three polar bears.

In the outdoor exhibition area of the Polar Bear House, visitors with smartphones took photos of cute bears filling their mouths with watermelons they found in ice blocks and lying face-down comfortably on crushed ice.


Maruyama Zoo