Areas that require caution included in revised version of Kushiro River canoeing guidelines

The revised version of the canoeing guidelines published by the Kushiro Wetland Nature Restoration Council

The Kushiro Wetland Nature Restoration Council has revised its ‘Canoeing Guidelines’ for enjoying the nature of the wetlands while canoeing down the Kushiro River. The guidelines provide information on areas where navigation is prohibited due to revetment work, and dangerous areas where there are frequent accidents, as well as re-emphasize consideration for nature.
  The revised guidelines include an area about 6 km downstream from the Mashu Bridge in the center of the town of Teshikaga, which is designated as a no-canoeing zone due to construction; the Minami Mashu section about 4 km downstream from downtown Teshikaga, where the river is fast flowing; and an area where blocks have been installed to protect the riverbanks and where caution is necessary, all of which are clearly marked on a map.
  Precautions to be taken when canoeing down the Kushiro River include 1) As the water temperature is low even in summer; capsizing will cause rapid loss of body heat, 2) The river upstream is narrow, so the current is fast and there are many fallen trees, and 3) Waves from the ocean near the estuary may cause loss of balance. The guidelines also ask that a safe distance is kept from wild animals and consideration is given to nature.
The revised version of the guidelines, which is mainly aimed at commercial operators, is available on the council’s website. The council plans to create guideline for tourists later this year. (Japanese language only)


Mashu Bridge