Aurora drift-ice sightseeing & icebreaker ship’s first nighttime cruise

On March 4, the Aurora drift-ice sightseeing & icebreaker ship operated at night for the first time, in Abashiri in the Okhotsk region of eastern Hokkaido. Sixty passengers enjoyed the nighttime views of Abashiri and the drift ice as they shone amid the darkness.

The Aurora departed from the port at 6:00 p.m. and headed to a belt of drift ice, where passengers enjoyed the emerald green glow of the drift ice illuminated by the ship’s lights, the lights of the city beyond, and the starry sky overhead. A female college student visiting from Tokyo was thrilled, saying, “The drift ice is like jewels, it’s so beautiful.”

 The night cruises will operate every Friday and Saturday until March 26, with each cruise departing at 6:00 p.m. and lasting one hour. If the required number of passengers is not reached, the cruise may be cancelled.

Passengers enjoying the nighttime starry sky and drift ice that shines emerald green


Aurora drift-ice sightseeing & icebreaker ship