Breakfast tickets that look like horse betting tickets. Popular among overnight guests at the Shizunai Eclipse Hotel.

The Shizunai Eclipse Hotel breakfast ticket everyone is talking about. The breakfast buffet selection includes ikura (salmon caviar).

As a tribute to the area’s status as a major horse ranching area, central Hokkaido’s Shizunai Eclipse Hotel (Shizunaiyoshino-cho, Shinhidaka-cho) changed its breakfast ticket to a design that looks like a horse race betting ticket. The design has met with popularity among hotel guests and has even become a popular topic on social media as well.
Shizunai Eclipse Hotel’s breakfast buffet features 80 dishes and is immensely popular. In fact, horse race industry staff and fans alike often stay at the hotel.
This is what sparked the idea to redesign hotel breakfast tickets to resemble horse race betting tickets “to commemorate your visit to this horse ranching region”. Guests have gushed with compliments, saying, “I keep mistaking this for an actual horse race betting ticket,” “This is amazing,” and, “I am definitely taking this home with me.” Photos of tickets have been appearing on social media. And some new guests have even come to eat breakfast at the hotel just to get a ticket after seeing it online.


Shizunai Eclipse Hotel