Cancelation of Sapporo Snow Festival announced, with online event planned for 2nd consecutive year

In response to the rapid increase in COVID-19 infections, the executive committee of the 72nd Sapporo Snow Festival officially announced, on January 19, the cancellation of snow sculpture installations, which had been planned for the first time in two years in Odori Park in Chuo-ku, Sapporo. This is the second consecutive year in which the event has effectively been cancelled. Snow sculptures are now being hurriedly prepared at separate venues in the city, ahead of an online event planned from February 5.

On the 19th, the daily number of new infections in Hokkaido reached 1,000 for the first time, as infections spread rapidly. “The cancelation of an event that attracts many people from all over Japan is inevitable,” said Mayor Akimoto Katsuhiro.

The executive committee is now preparing to create 3-meter-high snow sculptures at other venues in the city, and broadcast images of them online. The broadcast period is scheduled to be from February 5 to 28.
The 72nd Sapporo Snow Festival was to be held on a smaller scale than usual, with a total of 10 medium-size and small snow sculptures scheduled to be installed in Odori Park from February 5 to 12.


Odori Park