Celebration cake for long-lived Denali at Maruyama Zoo

On the former “Respect for the Aged Day” on September 15, the polar bear Denali (26 years old) at Sapporo Maruyama Zoo received a special dish made by Century Royal Hotel (Sapporo) chef. The celebratory treat was horse meat and fruit made to look like a cake.

Denali devoured the approximately 25 cm diameter cake slowly. It was 10 kg of horse meat that was made into big and small shaped cakes, which were topped with carrots and whipped cream. Denali does not have teeth and the amount he eats is decreasing, so the vegetables and fruits were cut into small pieces and he was given the small cake only. A polar bear usually lives about 20 to 30 years in captivity.


Sapporo Maruyama Zoo