Coins stuck to the ice in wishes at the Sounkyo Ice Fall Shrine

Visitors to the Ice Fall Festival stick coins on the ice and make a wish

An ‘Ice Fall Shrine’ ice sculpture has been established again this year at the site of the ‘47th Sounkyo Onsen Ice Fall Festival’ held at the Sounkyo hot-spring resort in the town of Kamikawa in northern Hokkaido, where visitors attached coins to a ‘sacred ball’ made of ice in the hope of bringing good luck.

 The sacred ball, decorated with a sacred rope, is placed on a 1.5-m-high, 2.5-m-wide sphere in the ‘hall’ of the Ice Fall Shrine and lit up. Every year, the coins are not placed in the nearby coin box, but are attached to the sacred ball.

 As the attached coins stay on the sacred ball, it is said to be lucky as it represents “not slipping,” “not falling” and “being blessed with a good relationship void of separation.” A woman from Sapporo who visited with her friend said, “I wished for my financial luck to increase and not fall.”

 The festival was held from January 29 to March 13.


Sounkyo Onsen Ice Fall Festival