“Doing nothing” Utoro-style just watching the sights while drift-ice bathing

‘Drift-ice bathers’ enjoy gazing at the drift-ice that covers the Sea of Okhotsk. February 23 at 4:25 p.m. The Utoro district of Shari

As drift-ice tourism reaches its peak in the Utoro district of the town of Shari in Shiretoko, eastern Hokkaido, “drift-ice bathing” – in which people sit on deck chairs and watch the drift ice at leisure – is gaining popularity.
In 2020, the Shiretokomura Group, which operates hotels and cruise ships in Shari, started drift-ice bathing as “an activity that can be done by all people of all ages.” The concept is to “do nothing.” Participants wrap up in a warm winter sleeping bag and sit on land close to the drift ice, enjoying the magnificent white scenery, the sunlight, the sounds, the wind, and bird watching for approximately 45 minutes. Hot drinks are served and commemorative photos are taken using a drone.
On February 23, as the sun shone, tourists from Hokkaido and beyond enjoyed a sea of drift ice that stretched as far as the horizon. The price is 4,500 yen per person. The tour is scheduled to last until early March this year. For inquiries, please visit https://ryuhyoyoku.com/.