Don snowshoes and walk across thousand-meter-high snow plain in new Nanae Snowpark tour.

Last year's sample "Snowshoe and Sky Top Lunch" tour (provided by Hakodate Nanae Snowpark)

Starting on January 10, southern Hokkaido’s Hakodate Nanae Snowpark (Higashionuma, Nanae Town) launched a new tour called “Snowshoe and Sky Top Lunch”. Participants don snowshoes and walk across a snow slope one thousand meters above sea level. A Snowpark representative encouraged participation, saying, “Leaves in the autumn are beautiful, but so are the winter snowfields. We want people who have never skied and the elderly to enjoy the snowy mountain experience as well.”

The tour takes 3.5 hours. Participants ride to the summit on lifts, don snowshoes, and walk atop snow piled up to about 1.5 meters high. Participants can enjoy looking at “rime ice” droplets on trees and gazing out on the snowfields of the Yokotsu mountain range from the observation deck.

At the lunch after the walk, participants enjoy food made with locally grown ingredients at “Peak Cafe” atop the summit while looking out at a snow covered Mount Komagatake.

Tour groups can be 2-10 participants, and reservations are required. The base tour fee is 8,000 yen. The snowshoe and walking stick rental fee is an additional 2,000 yen. Winter wear rental is also available. The tour will be offered up through mid-March.


Hakodate Nanae Snowpark