Dynamic ‘Garinko’ cruise to observe scallop fishing

A cruise to view scallop fishing from the drift-ice sightseeing boat Garinko-go Ⅲ ‘IMERU’ off the coast of Mombetsu in eastern Hokkaido, began on July 22. Passengers were able to view the dynamic fishing activities at close range, while clapping and exchanging waves with the fishermen.

Eighty-three passengers took part in the cruise on the first day of operations. The ‘Garinko boat left Mombetsu Port at 8 a.m. and headed to a group of 10 or so boats that were fishing approximately 7 km offshore, where passengers watched steel nets full of scallops being raised noisily onto the boats from a distance of a few dozen meters.

Scallop fishing cruises will also take place on August 7, 9 and 28.

Scallop fishing boats raise their nets as cruise passengers watch-on from close range


Garinko-go Ⅲ ‘IMERU’