East Hokkaido Road to Natural Beauty DMO sells passport for buses and activities related to winter tourism in eastern Hokkaido

The website of the unlimited-ride bus pass offered by the ‘East Hokkaido Road to Natural Beauty DMO’

Two types of subscription passports (fixed-rate services) planned by the ‘East Hokkaido Road to Natural Beauty DMO’ (Destination Management/Marketing Organization), which can be used for bus rides, meals and nature activities in the eastern Hokkaido area, will be available for use from late January. Both will be sold as electronic passports, with the aim of making transportation in eastern Hokkaido are more convenient in winter, and attracting more visitors to the region.

The ‘Eastern Hokkaido Network Bus Unlimited Ride Pass’ will be available from January 29 to March 6. It will allow unlimited use of more than 20 routes, including intercity buses in the Kushiro, Nemuro, Okhotsk, Tokachi, and Kamikawa regions, as well as the ‘East Hokkaido Express Bus,’ operated by the DMO during the winter season. The passes are valid for three to five consecutive days from the first day of use and cost 9,800 yen for three days, 13,800 yen for four days, and 17,800 yen for five days. Reservations are required at least 10 days prior to the first day of use. There is also a reduced-price passport for use only in the Kushiro/Nemuro and Okhotsk regions. 
In order to create the bus route network, the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau and seven bus companies in the eastern Hokkaido region launched a website in December last year that displays bus routes connecting airports and cities in the region, and allows passengers to make reservations and purchase tickets. Mr. Notake, Executive Director of the DMO, said, “We would like to create a synergetic effect between the two transportation platforms and the DMO’s service that allows passengers to make reservations in advance.”
Meanwhile, the DMO’s ‘Eastern Hokkaido Comprehensive Activity Passport’ will be available from January 22 to March 13. As well as allowing one entrance to 19 tourist facilities in the Kushiro, Nemuro, Tokachi, and Okhotsk regions, the passport also comes with points (one point is worth approximately 500 yen) that can be used to purchase meals and nature activities at over 50 restaurants and facilities. The price is 7,800 yen for two days (with 13 points), 8,800 yen for three days (with 14 points), and 9,800 yen for four days (with 15 points).
For more information, please visit the East Hokkaido Travel Labo website (https://easthokkaido.com/).