Engaru places trailer house near JR Maruseppu Station for teleworking

The front has a wooden deck
The trailer house interior with furniture and electric appliances

The municipal government of Engaru in the Eastern Hokkaido Okhotsk region placed a trailer house for use as a workation or temporary telework residence on municipally owned land situated along a national highway in Maruseppu nakamachi. The house is fully furnished with necessities including furniture and electrical appliances. The user only has to bring their own bedding. Engaru is currently accepting user reservations, “The location is convenient, and a great setting to experience countryside living. This is a perfect place for people from the city to stay.”

The location is situated right across from JR Maruseppu Station, an intercity bus stop, and a convenience store. A medical facility is within walking distance. Leisure areas like Maruseppu Hot Springs are also relatively close. The area is a cold climate region, so a kerosene tank is included. The city reports that it plans to leave the house in this spot for now.

The house is a two-room layout consisting of a living room and bedroom with a system kitchen included and a loft (mezzanine) where up to four people can sleep. It can accommodate both single users and families. Wi-Fi is available, and in addition to a bathing area and bathroom sink, it also includes furnishings like a television, refrigerator, air-conditioning, heating, plates, and pots. It does not come with futons. Users must bring their own bedding and food.

For telework users, the space is available at 1,500 yen per night (including heating and electricity) in a range of 7–30 days.


Maruseppu nakamachi