Enjoy relaxing stay in Rishirifuji, experience pleasures of island life

Nasu Minako experienced a trial move-in in Rishirifuji

Rishirifuji, a town situated on the remote island of Rishiri in Northern Hokkaido’s Soya region, has launched opportunities for workations combining work and tourism and trial move-in sessions including free stays in Rishirifuji lodging facilities for people considering moving to the town. For the trial move-ins, one woman from Sapporo City has already stayed there for one week. And for the workation opportunity, two groups from inside and outside of Hokkaido are slated to come and experience island life.

The Rishirifuji town government started offering the trial move-ins and workation opportunities by renting the “Tabi-Banya” lodging facilities that began operating in October of last year. The stay length is from six nights and seven days to 13 nights and 14 days. Participants are required to share their impressions of island life on social media during their stay. The idea is to advertise the benefits of island life in a way that is attractive to people not living on the island.

The town is reaching out to prospective participants through sources including the website “Rishirifuji Gurashi” (Rishirifuji Life) that the town started in April to provide move-in and permanent stay information. The expectation is for, “people to learn about how great it is on Rishiri Island by experiencing the cool island summer life so we can increase the number of visitors to the area.” Nishi-ku, Sapporo City resident Nasu Minako (60) enjoyed a trial move-in from June 21 to 27, and experienced kelp drying and sea urchin scooping in Rishirifuji. She spoke on her experience, saying, “When I stayed here for a few days on a family vacation 15 years ago, my only impression was that the food was delicious. But this trial move-in let me learn about the personality of the islanders and their living customs. I experienced new discoveries you cannot learn about during a short stay.”