Enjoying the everlasting summer mood of Hawaii at Asahikawa Airport!

Participants enjoying the feeling of Hawaii travel while happily tucking into loco moco
‘Mock Hawaii’ – an event in which participants could experience the feeling of traveling to Hawaii. Asahikawa Airport, Higashikagura, April 25

‘Mock Travel Hawaii Edition’ (organized by Asahikawa Airport Terminal Building Co., Ltd.), an event in which to experience Hawaii travel during the Coronavirus pandemic was held in the closed International Terminal at Asahikawa Airport in the northern Hokkaido town of Higashikagura on April 25.

The event utilized facilities that had been closed since March of last year, and appealed to potential travelers to use the airport when flights resume. Approximately 40 airport employees, airline company staff and immigration officers collaborated to make the event a success.

The 80 or so participants from Asahikawa and the like underwent ‘passport control’ using sky-blue passports designed by airport staff, which were stamped with an airplane mark and date before the ‘passengers’ were transferred to the ‘aircraft interior’ set up inside the terminal building. The participants were seated according to the tickets they held, and take-off sound effects were played as they ‘departed’. The ‘passengers’ then tucked into loco moco and pancakes before ‘landing’ approximately 30 minutes later. The then enjoyed their ‘Hawaii trip’ by means of an on-site link-up online, where they viewed beautiful ocean and mountain scenery colored by the setting sun.


Asahikawa Airport