Environment-friendly electric cruise boat launched on the Otaru Canal

“Canal 7-go” boat with an electric operation system

Otaru Canal Boat LLC (Minatomachi, Otaru), which operates small cruise boats on the Otaru Canal, launched the operation of an electric motorboat that does not use fossil fuel.

The company, which has been using a bio-diesel fuel made from used vegetable cooking oil to reduce environmental burden, introduced an electric motorboat with no exhaust emissions in response to the increasing trend toward decarbonization. The boat with a capacity of 42 passengers was named “Canal 7-go.”

The launch ceremony and a ceremony to pray for safety were held on the canal on August 7, and the boat was launched on the following day. “As we are losing tourists due to Covid-19, we hope to contribute to Otaru tourism by attracting public attention with the new boat,” said a person involved in the Otaru Canal Boat operation.


Otaru Canal Boat LLC