Experience equine culture on a limousine carriage ride from Tokachi Obihiro Airport to Kofuku Station

The ‘Airport Limousine Carriage’ departs from Tokachi Obihiro Airport

The ‘Airport Limousine Carriage,’ a horse-drawn carriage ride from Tokachi Obihiro Airport, on which to enjoy the rural scenery of the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido, was operated on a trial basis for the first time on November 21. The participants enjoyed the carriage ride while experiencing the equine culture that played a role in Tokachi’s development.

Tokachi City Design (Obihiro), the company that operates the ‘Horse-drawn Carriage Bar’ in downtown Obihiro, conducted the tour as a model for conveying the equine culture. Three men and women took part in the tour, traveling by horse-drawn carriage for approximately four kilometers from Obihiro Airport to Kofuku Station on the former Japan National Railways Hiroo Line, and approximately two kilometers from Nakasatsunai Art Village to the Feriendorf glamping resort in the village of Nakasatsunai.

The horse-drawn carriages make a rumbling sound, and a woman who participated in the tour look satisfied when she said “The speed is similar to that of walking, different to when you use a car.” According to Mr. Nagata, manager of the company’s Equine Culture Division, “By changing the means of transportation, just the time spent traveling can be transformed into luxurious leisure time. We aim to commoditize this service from the next fiscal year.”


Tokachi Obihiro Airport