First Ever Treetop Trekking Facility in Eastern Hokkaido Opened

The first ever treetop trekking facility in eastern Hokkaido was completed and opened on August 1. Visitors can enjoy walking through the courses set in the tree-tops near the “Roadside Rest Area, Engaru Mori no Okhotsk” in Engaru Town. Engaru Town invested total project expenses of 94.5 million yen to construct the facility.

In the regular course, visitors walk on the ropes stretching among the trees and atop separated wooden planks suspended around 8 to 9 meters in the air.

It is thrilling, but visitors are harnessed in order to eliminate the risk of falling. The length of the course is 361 meters, and the duration is 30 to 40 minutes on average. There is also a kiddie course of 46 meters in length for children of elementary age or younger.


Roadside Rest Area, Engaru Mori no Okhotsk