First flight on Memanbetsu–Kansai route carries 175 passengers

Services on the low-cost carrier (LCC) Peach Aviation’s Memanbetsu–Kansai route began on July 1. It is the first time scheduled LCC flights have been operated between Memanbetsu Airport in eastern Hokkaido, and Kansai International Airport. There will be one round-trip service per day; until mid-July, flights will be mainly at the weekends, with no services on some weekdays.

This is Peach Aviation’s second service to depart from and arrive at Memanbetsu, after the service to and from Narita. The first flight from Kansai, which was almost full with 175 passengers on board, arrived at Memanbetsu at 11:27 a.m., a little later than the scheduled arrival time. In the arrival lobby, local representatives handed out commemorative goods to the passengers, while calling for them to “Take measures against infection and have fun”. Seventy-two passengers boarded the return flight to Kansai. Due to measures to prevent the spread of infection from the Coronavirus, no ceremony was held. “There are many appealing spots in eastern Hokkaido, such as Shiretoko. We hope that people enjoy their trips around eastern Hokkaido, with Memanbetsu as the starting point,” commented the company’s chief executive officer, Mori Takeaki.


Memanbetsu Airport