Former Hokkaido Government Building reopened to public

From September 1, the Former Hokkaido Government Building (Sapporo) reopened to the public, limited to the first floor hall. It has been closed for renovation work since last October. Visitors observed the history of Hokkaido while observing necessary measures to prevent novel corona virus spreading. The scheduled renovation will most likely be postponed along with the postponement of the Sapporo marathons for the Tokyo Olympics. Thus, the Hokkaido government decided to open the building for public in non-winter months so Hokkaido residents and tourists can enjoy it.
On the first-floor hall, panels for the Tokyo Olympics, National Ainu Museum (Upopoy), and Jomon period ruins are on display.
The building will be open until the end of this November and will reopen from next April 1 until the end of next November.


Former Hokkaido Government Building