Fuji Dream Airlines flies charter flight into Wakkanai Airport the first time this season

Wakkanai City Mayor Hiroshi Kudo welcomes tourists when the FDA charter flight arrived.

The first charter flight this season by Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA, Shizuoka) arrived at Wakkanai Airport on September 12. Wakkanai City Mayor Hiroshi Kudo, Rebun Town Mayer Toru Ono, and a group of slightly over ten tourist industry individuals welcomed the tourists at the lobby.
Two tours with 39 tourists total arrived. They went sightseeing in the city of Wakkanai, Rishiri Island, and Rebun Island. The charter flight arrived a little after noon on September 12. Mayor Kudo, Mayor Ono, and the tourist industry individuals gave the tourists presents such as local delicacies and bags containing tour pamphlets and other items.
FDA decided to cancel all the charter flights this season in May due to the novel corona virus pandemic, but they quickly planned this tour since the situation has calmed down. Mayor Kudo said, “We are thankful that tourists came since the circumstances have settled down. We hope this will continue to the next year and onwards.”


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