‘Hakodate Kaleidoscope of Light’ begins

The colorfully illuminated Motoi Slope in Hakodate

The ‘Hakodate Kaleidoscope of Light’ event that lights up the western district of the city of Hakodate in southern Hokkaido, began on January 20. Motoi Slope in front of the Former British Consulate of Hakodate is colorfully illuminated, creating a magical atmosphere.

 Sixty banks of lighting equipment set up at the venue illuminate the pavement of the slope in colorful kaleidoscope of reds, blues, greens. “It matches the snowy scenery and looks really nice,” said a Hakodate City employee.

 The event will be held until March 31, with illuminations every day from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Illuminations will also begin in Motomachi park from February 10.


Motoi Slope