Hillsides colored yellow with rape blossoms at Kuroda Farm in Otofuke

Rape blossoms, grown to produce rapeseed oil, are now in full bloom at Kuroda Farm in the town of Otofuke in the Tokachi region of eastern Hokkaido. The farm grows rapeseed as part of crop rotation, and this year the seeds were planted on approximately 2.5 hectares of farmland. The flowers began to bloom around the end of April, approximately two weeks earlier than usual. The sight of the beautiful yellow flowers swaying in the wind like a carpet of blossoms, is breathtaking.

Since 2016, the farm has held an event in which visitors can view the blossoms from a trailer pulled by a tractor. The event had been canceled due to the COVID pandemic, but this year it has been revived for the first time in three years. Visitors were able to disembark halfway through the tour, to take pictures in the field and pick rape blossoms to take home. “People enjoyed seeing and smelling the flowers at close range, and some people even picked at ate them,” said Mr. Kuroda.

The event was held every Saturday and Sunday from May 14 to 29. The fields are off-limits to visitors except during the event times.

A hillside field covered in the vivid yellow rape blossom flowers. May 12 (photographed using a drone)


Kuroda Farm