Hokkaido raccoon dogs enjoy burrowing in autumn leaves

At Obihiro Zoo in eastern Hokkaido’s Obihiro City, Hokkaido raccoon dogs are drawing attention for their ways of looking for food in a pile of red and yellow autumn leaves and burrowing into the leaves to relax.
 Hokkaido raccoon dogs are omnivores, and in their natural environment, they walk around for a long time to look for food on the ground. The zoo caretakers covered a corner of the raccoon enclosure with fallen leaves from the zoo and hid food under the leaves to elicit that natural behavior.
The zoo also posted videos on the zoo social media account of raccoon dogs’ behavior of not only looking for food, but also their unexpected relaxing amidst the fallen leaves, and word spread like wildfire. Now even visitors from Honshu are coming to see the raccoon dogs.


Obihiro Zoo