Jozankei ‘Yukitouro’ event to begin on February 5

Scenes from ‘Yukitouro’, held at Jozankei Shrine in 2018

‘Yukitouro’, an annual winter event (organized by Jozankei Tourist Association) in which Jozankei Onsen in Minami-ku, Sapporo is lit up with countless snow candles, will begin on February 5 this year. This year sees the 11th staging of the popular event, in which the gentle light of snow candles illuminates Jozankei Shrine in the hot-spring district. The first ‘Inori-no-mori’ (forest of prayers) event will also take place, in which images are projected onto a screen amid a background of a thicket where 1,000 candles are placed.

  As part of the Coronavirus infection measures, visitors’ temperatures will be checked at the entrance and they will be asked to wear masks and gloves. This year there will be no stalls selling food and drink, which can usually be found at the event.

  Jozankei Onsen has experienced a slump in tourists due to the spread of the Coronavirus, but the Tourist Association hopes to “welcome visitors with optimism, while taking thorough measures against infection”. The event will be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. every evening until February 11. Admission is free.


Jozankei Shrine