"Kamuy Lumina", night lakeside walks at Lake Akan, starting May 21

"Kamuy Lumina" is an opportunity to stroll around the Lake Akan lakeside and experience nature and Ainu culture (July 2019)

On May 21, activity tourism provider Akan Adventure Tourism (Akan Town, Kushiro City) will begin offering “Kamuy Lumina, an Enchanted Night Walk at Lake Akan”, a nighttime Lake Akan lakeside forest walk enhanced by lights and video with an Ainu myth theme. A multilingual guide app will heighten convenience for foreign tourists and the hearing impaired.

Based on an epic poem passed down in the Akan Ainu culture, Kamuy Lumina began in 2019. Participants walk approximately 1.2 kilometers on the Akanko Onsen Bokke Walking Trail amidst animals and plants projected by projection mapping technology and experience Ainu culture, with its emphasis on the importance of coexisting with nature.

The activity garnered popularity in 2019 with approximately 34,000 participants, but was forced to close last year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. This year, with thorough spreading prevention measures in place, it will be offered every day until November 14.

The multilingual guide app offers guidance in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. When participants read the QR code provided with their smartphones and approach specific locations, subtitles for speech and narration automatically display on the app.

For details, see the official website: http://www.kamuylumina.jp/en/


Kamuy Lumina