Kitami ‘Athlete Stays’ opens with aim of becoming Hokkaido’s No. 1 training-camp facility

Kitami Athlete Stays’ a training-camp facility exclusive to sports teams and athletes opened in Kitami High Tech Park in the city of Kitami in eastern Hokkaido on July 30, with a preview event for related parties.

Approximately 10 people, including Mayor Tsuji Naotaka and Kitami Chamber of Commerce and Industry chair, Masukawa Makoto attended the preview event, guided by Iwasaki Masahito, CEO of real estate leasing business in the city that runs the facility. Attendees were shown around the facility, which includes rooms with a capacity of 6, on the assumption of them being shared by members of the same curling team, as well as a training room, glass-walled cafeteria and the like.

The 4-story steel-framed building with basement has a total of 29 rooms and is expected to be used as a base for sports training camps as it is located adjacent to the Argo Graphics Kitami Curling Hall, and within one kilometer of Toryo Park, which includes an athletics stadium and other facilities.

The cafeteria of ‘Kitami Athlete Stays’ introduced at the preview event


Kitami Athlete Stays