Luxurious camping away from urban crowding, Makubetsu Nauman Onsen glamping facilities open

Glamping opened on July 1 on the Hotel Arco grounds

Tokachi Nauman Onsen Hotel Arco in the Tokachi region’s town of Makubetsu started offering “glamping” accommodations on July 1. Visitors can stay overnight in tents equipped with luxuries including beds, and enjoy a charcoal flame barbeque. In addition to offering standard hotel accommodations, Hotel Arco plans to fulfill the demand from families that want to enjoy the outdoors and avoid indoor crowded spaces amidst the novel coronavirus spread.

Glamping is a new word that combines “glamorous” with “camping”. Participants can enjoy a luxurious camping experience without bringing a single item along with them.

On a grass lawn within the hotel premises on the southern side of the hotel, two approximately 20-square-foot tents and two barbeque spaces have been set up.
Groups of up to four people can stay overnight in each tent. In addition to beds, the tent interiors are equipped with conveniences including a refrigerator, fan heater, and tableware. Outside the tents are tables for barbequing, chairs, and hammocks.

The usage fee changes with the season, and is 21,000 yen to 33,000 yen per one tent. Campers can optionally bring their own food. Barbeque sets (5,000 yen per person) are also available on site, and contain local ingredients such as Tokachi grown beef, Churui Dorobuta pork sausage, and Churui grown grilling vegetables. Breakfast inside the hotel is also available as well (1,000 yen per person). Campers can also use the bathrooms, sinks, and hot spring baths inside the hotel.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the demand is reportedly high for camping with its limited contact with other campers. Hotel Arco “wants new campers and families to be able to easily enjoy a camping experience.” This glamping service is slated to last until the end of October for this season.


Nauman Onsen Hotel Arco