Luxury hot-spring hotel and low-cost guesthouse open in Kawayu Onsen

An accommodation facility that was closed in the Kawayu Onsen hot-spring resort (in the town of Teshikaga, eastern Hokkaido) reopened as ‘Kinkiyu Hotel Bettei SUIKAZURA’ on April 20. The luxury hotel features guestrooms with their own hot-spring baths. Meanwhile, a woman in her 20s opened ‘NOMY’, a low-cost guesthouse in the Kawayu area on the 16th, and the town hopes the newly opened facilities will help revitalize the hot-spring resort, which has suffered badly during the Coronavirus pandemic.
Bettei SUIKAZURA open in the renovated building of the Kawayu Daiichi Hotel Suikazura, which had been closed since the year before last, and for the time being will operate with 22 guestrooms. Two guestrooms on the top floor come complete with their own private hot-spring baths and views of Mt. Mokoto from the large windows. The male and female grand bathhouses, complete with outdoor baths, have also been renovated.
The hotel is also particular about the food it serves. “Wherever possible, we use ingredients produced in Teshikaga and seasonal seafood from Kushiro and Nemuro,” says manager and head chef Kusaka. In consideration of the Coronavirus pandemic, meals can be served in 11 of the guestrooms that are equipped with ‘horigotatsu-style’ dining tables with sunken legroom.
Room rates start at 10,000 yen per person per night for accommodation without meals, slightly more expensive than other facilities in the vicinity. “We aim to provide the highest quality cuisine and service in Kawayu,” says Enomoto Ryutaro, CEO of Kawayu Hotel Plaza, which runs the hotel.
Meanwhile, guesthouse NOMY was opened by Ms. Yoshida, who until March served as a ‘local vitalization cooperator’ in the town. She renovated the 40-year-old vacant building herself, creating a guesthouse with 5 rooms that can accommodate a total of 17 people.
Dormitory-style accommodation costs 3,000 yen per night. Based on an accommodation-only format, guests are required to use local Kawayu restaurants or hotels for meals and bathing. “I hope it becomes a place that links the region with travelers,” says Yoshida.

One example of Kinkiyu Hotel Bettei SUIKAZURA’s chef’s choice cuisine. “In spring I like to use local wild vegetables,” says head chef Kusaka.
Yoshida, who opened the reasonably priced guesthouse NOMY


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