Magical "lake bottom railroad" at Lake Shikaribetsu garners attention

The Lake Shikaribetsu "lake bottom railroad", reminiscent of an animation scene
Tourists capture the scene on smartphones, saying, "It's magical"

The “lake bottom railroad” in the town of Shikaoi is garnering attention from both inside and outside of the town. The railroad extends from the lakeside to the offing of Lake Shikaribetsu in the town, which is located in Eastern Hokkaido’s Tokachi region. When a major Hokkaido travel agency introduced the railroad as the Grand Prix award for a photograph contest for beautiful summer scenery, it became a hot topic across the Internet. Numerous tourists have come to see it.

The railroad runs along the southwestern lakeside. It is a slipway for pulling tour boats from the lake up to the land commonly called “the Rail”. According to Lake Shikaribetsu Hot Spring Hotel Fusui, which operates a tour boat, the Rail stretches approximately 30 meters from the lakeside to the offing and crawls along the lake bottom.

When Hotel Fusui introduced the Rail on the photograph sharing app “Instagram”, it garnered attention for being just like a scene in the popular animated movie “Spirited Away” by director Hayao Miyazaki, and the amount of visitors shot up suddenly. A man visiting together with a family of five from Sapporo was completely caught up in snapping a photograph, and said, “It’s magical, just like a movie.”


Lake Shikaribetsu