‘Marineping’ begins on Kamome Island in Esashi

A participant experiencing a water balloon while Kamome Island Marineping

‘Marineping’ in which the appeal of the sea can be experienced while camping, began on Kamome Island – a tourist spot in the town of Esashi in southern Hokkaido – on August 21. In the ‘Marine Adventure’ event that took place on the first day, ‘water balloons’ – an activity that is hoped will be subsequently introduced – were presented.

Kamome Island Marineping provides the opportunity for participants to use the sea breeze to fly kites and experience fishing for crab while staying in a luxurious glamping tent or using rental camping equipment and tent to save having to bring along the equipment themselves.

A junior-high school student from Minami-ku in Sapporo, who utilized the rental camp equipment with a family of four said “In the water balloon, I could see under the sea and it was beautiful. It was fun – like walking in the water”. Kamome Island Marineping will continue until October 24.


Kamome Island