Mitsubishi Estate opens high-rise hotel in Sapporo that uses Hokkaido timber

The high-rise hotel that uses Hokkaido timber
The guestrooms are filled with the aroma of wood

On October 1, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) opened ‘The Royal Park Canvas Sapporo Odori Koen’ (Odori Nishi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo), a hotel that uses timber produced in Hokkaido. The top three floors of the 11-story, 134-room hotel have a wooden structure. According to Mitsubishi Estate, this is the first high-rise hotel in Japan to use wooden beams to support the structure.

The building has a total floorspace of 6,157 m2. Floors one to seven are built with reinforced concrete and the eighth floor has a hybrid structure that incorporates wood. Based on the concept of ‘experiencing Hokkaido’, Japanese larch from Hokkaido is used on the exterior walls, and Manchurian ash from Hokkaido is used in the guestrooms. Room sizes range from 20 to 48 m2 and are all equipped with wooden speakers made from recycled offcuts. The restaurant serves dishes made with ingredients produced in Hokkaido.

The hotel will be run by a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Estate. Rates vary according to the season, but start from 18,000 yen per person per night. The hotel lounge and roof-top space can also be used by people who are not staying at the hotel.

The hotel is the first to be registered as a ‘Hokkaido Wood Building’ in a scheme initiated by the Hokkaido government to convey the appeal of Hokkaido timber products, and was issued with a registration certificate on October 1.


The Royal Park Canvas Sapporo Odori Koen