Mount Hakuundake mountain refuge hut, rebuilding complete

Rebuilding work was completed for the mountain refuge hut that was previously under rebuilding construction by the Ministry of the Environment on Mount Hakuundake (2,230 meters tall) within Daisetsuzan National Park in northern Hokkaido’s Kamikawa Town. The hut is located in an important position along the most difficult multiple mountain-spanning trail in Daisetsuzan National Park, and the superintendent is stationed there during the summer mountain season from June through September. A new message board was placed inside for notices including dangerous nearby areas and weather information.
The completed refuge hut is a two-story wooden structure with a total floor area of 98 square meters. The capacity is approximately 60 people, which is the same scale as the old refuge hut. Dismantling of the old refuge hut started in late June of this year. Building materials were brought in by helicopter, and a new hut was built. It was completed in late September. Hikers can use the hut as a refuge even in seasons in which the superintendent is not stationed there.


Mount Hakuundake refuge hut