Nakasatsunai resort Feriendorf to offer hot spring next summer and cottage in autumn

Building design image for hot spring facilities slated to open in July of next year (Sora Inc.)

The venture enterprise “Sora” (Obihiro) is focused on Tokachi area revitalization through tourism and business startup assistance, and on July 6, they announced the upcoming addition of hot spring facilities in “Feriendorf”, a lodging facility and glamping resort operated by a Sora subsidiary in the village of Nakasatsunai. The facility is slated to open in July of next year. They also have plans to open high-end cottages and cold smoked food production facilities, and are advancing steadily on basic facilities for lodging tourism.

The name for the hot spring facility is “Mori no Shinden Spa” (Forest Temple Spa). It will be constructed on the eastern side of the Feriendorf site. There are no other hot spring facilities nearby, and the decision to build this facility was made based on the frequency of Feriendorf guests voicing a desire for hot springs. The hot spring water will reportedly be periodically brought in from another hot spring.

The bathing area will have a European style interior, and the open air bath will be designed for a forest bathing experience, surrounded by trees.

Additionally, near the slated construction site for the hot spring facilities, plans also call for the construction of two new high-end cottages with a construction budget of two hundred million yen. The design will be single-story, and the size will be approximately 150 square meters, which is 1.5 times the space offered in previous two story cottages. The plans call for the utmost in high quality furniture and interior design, and a sauna will also be included. The first cottage is slated to open in November. The company aims to start construction work on the other cottage within this year.

Building design image for high-end cottage slated to open in November (Sora Inc.)