New mountain bike course this autumn at Iwanai Senkyo in Obihiro

Tokachi bicycle enthusiasts ride through the grand nature of Iwanai Senkyo on mountain bikes

The Tokachi cycling route “Tokapuchi 400” was designated as a National Cycling Route, prompting a group that includes the Obihiro Tourism and Convention Association to construct a new cycling route in the Iwanai Senkyo area of Obihiro. It will be an unpaved mountain bike course with intense hills, taking riders through mountainous terrain. It is reportedly slated to be completed this autumn at the earliest.

The cycling route starts and ends at “Senkyo Bridge” over Iwanai River and forms a 2.7-kilometer circuit along a mountain path heading in the direction towards Iwanai Nature Village. With portions that pass right by rivers and ponds, this is an intermediate level off road path situated in the grandeur of nature amidst a picturesque autumn leaf viewing area. There is a course that climbs up Kinryuzan, a mountain rising up above Senkyo, and this is reportedly for advanced mountain bikers.

Senkyo is near the Poroshiri Park camp site, and the area has always had many tourists who come and bike around the area to sightsee. Last year, multiple cycling enthusiasts reported wanting to “ride on fun off road trails that have even more intense hills,” so in December of the same year Obihiro City consulted with the bicycle enthusiast group “Tokachi Bicycle Project”. With assistance from group representative Ogawa Nobuyuki, development for a safe cycling route began.

On July 11, a group of 15 people made up of city staff and volunteers from the Tokachi Bicycle Project gathered to cut grass and weeds, then remove dead trees and impediments. They enjoyed biking an approximately 30 minute test run. Ogawa commented, “This route will bring new excitement to the Iwanai Senkyo area. I hope a lot of people come visit.”


Iwanai Senkyo