New plan at Hakodate’s Hiromeso in ‘advance celebration’ of the Jomon Archeological Sites’ World Heritage registration

CEO Nishimura appeals to potential users of the ‘advance celebration plan’ at Hotel Hakodate Hiromeso’s display area introducing the Jomon Archeological Site

In response to the almost certain World Heritage registration of ‘Jomon Archaeological Sites in Hokkaido, Northern Tohoku, and other regions’, Hotel Hakodate Hiromeso, located near the Kakinoshima/Ohfune archeological site in the city of Hakodate in southern Hokkaido, which is one of the said archeological sites, has begun an ‘advance celebration plan’ in which accommodation fees are offered at 20% discount. The aim is to boost demand for accommodation before the official decision is made in July.

The condition of the discount is that during the stay, all users must visit the Hakodate Jomon Culture Center (Minamikayabe district), the core facility of the archeological sites, known for its display of Hokkaido’s only designated national treasure, the ‘Hollow Dogu’ (clay figurine). Discounts will be offered on confirmation of a ticket stub to the facility. The fee for one night’s accommodation including two meals, with 2–4 people sharing a room (17,600 yen per person) will be reduced by approximately 20% to 13,700 yen per person. The offer is valid for weekdays only until the end of July.


Hotel Hakodate Hiromeso