October Shiretoko event spotlights focused on experiencing subsistence with nature

A shuttle bus that operated during the pilot program last year (October 2020)

“Shiretoko Sustainable Week” was held from October 1–10. It was organized by an action committee composed of entities including the Shiretoko Nature Foundation (Shari Town), and initiated to coincide with a pilot program for tourism amidst the Shiretoko Peninsula restrictions on private car usage. Centering around the Shiretoko National Park Nature Center, a diverse range of events were featured, including trekking tours, lectures, and art events.

For the pilot program (October 1–3), this was the second year. During the program, the Hokkaido Prefectural Route Shiretoko Koen Line was closed to entering traffic between the Shiretoko National Park Nature Center and Kamuiwakka Hot Falls, and shuttle bus service was provided.

During October 1–3, this shuttle bus was used to give a free bus tour to view salmon swimming upstream at the Iwaobetsu Incubation Reserve, which is usually off limits to the public. Additionally, a paid, guided tour was also available for the upstream area of the Kamuiwakka Hot Falls, which was open only during this pilot program period. Furthermore, a robust bevy of outdoor events was also supplied mainly on the weekend, featuring experiences like trekking tours through virgin forest woodland and guided tree climbing.

In an effort to inspire deep thought on environmental friendliness and subsisting with nature, a permanent outdoor exhibit of sculptures made using timber gathered through Shiretoko area forest thinning was launched on October 1 at the “Shiretoko: the 100 Square Meter Movement” area. Multiple art events were held, with Shiretoko National Park Nature Center serving as the hub. In addition to a sand painter performing sand art on a large screen in the Center, lecture events with a different daily theme were given by Shiretoko Nature Foundation staff as well as photographers and cartoonists, centering on creative activities in Shiretoko and problems revolving around brown bears.


Shiretoko Nature Foundation